Let me make this clear.  I am NOT a pacifist and understand that sometimes, in life, you have to fight for your beliefs, your family, your belongings, your life, the life of others and our country.  I would have done my duty for the country if necessary.

But the thing that really upsets me is that 100 years AFTER all the end of the “war to end all wars”, it never ended and actually was worse the second time round.  Today there are more wars and threats of wars all over our world.

In a recent newsletter, I mentioned my Great Uncle Arthur who died in France, aged 20, in 1915.  Watching the Armistice commemorations over the past few days has reminded me that so many soldiers, others who served in their support and all of the civilians on all sides of the conflicts died in the name of war.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has cried over the past few days about all of this.  I understand that war happens; sometimes it’s the only way to prevent evil.  But I simply can’t believe that we still haven’t learned how to resolve differences without resorting to war.

God willing, I still hope that the world becomes a less aggressive planet and that we stop killing each other for the sake of the future generations.  Otherwise, I’m not sure that we have the right to define ourselves as “civilized” .


November, 2018

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