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You may be familiar with the VAT principles that apply to your main business activities. But it’s often the transactions with associated businesses that cause problems, giving HMRC easy targets for VAT errors.

For example, if you’ve charged too much VAT, the associated business can’t claim the VAT even if you’ve paid it to HMRC!  It can end up being a very messy situation and can take a long time to resolve.

So it makes sense to get it right from the start!

We start by analyzing the situation to understand why you’re making a charge, to make sure that the VAT treatment is correct and reflects the goods and/or services supplied.

We will also review such arrangements to avoid dealing with potential assessments or queries from HMRC.

And we’ll look at whether these potential VAT issues could be avoided if you set up a VAT group registration, where you don’t normally charge VAT on transactions between the group members.

If you want to discuss specific issues, email to schedule a time for an initial free of charge discussion.

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