Affiliation fees and advanced learner loans

HMRC has withdrawn the concession that allowed affiliation fees for sports clubs to be VAT exempt to be exempt from 1 April 2018: see Revenue & Customs Business Brief 01/2018.   HMRC has also confirmed that the receipt of advance learner loans by education providers does not in itself mean that the education concerned is VAT exempt: see Revenue & Customs Business Brief 02/2018 for more information.

More books in print

My ebooks VAT on management charges and transactions with associated businesses and the DIY VAT refund scheme will soon be available in print on Amazon.  The DIY book @ £17 will be available within the next couple of weeks; the other book about management charges book @ £19 will be available by the end of March.  I’ll confirm the release dates very soon.
So what exactly IS a new building?

Usually, the zero-rate only applies to new construction that incorporates any part of an existing property if the retained parts are party walls or certain facades.  However in December, HMRC issued Info Sheet 07/2017: Construction work and zero-rated relief, where they set out their revised policy that extends the zero-rate in some additional, but very limited, circumstances. that could affect contractors, developers and DIY refund claimants.  I’ve discussed this in my recent article New HMRC view of zero-rated buildings on AccountingWeb.

Converting pubs and other commercial property

I get a lot of queries about converting pubs and in particular whether there are special rules for pubs.  In practice, the same principles apply whether you’re converting a pub or any other commercial property which has existing residential accommodation  Check out my recent article Converting pubs and other commercial property which explains the main issues in more detail.

LexisNexis webinar

Next month I’ll be recording a webinar for LexisNexis about the subject of composite and multiple supplies; one of those difficult technical issues that applies to all businesses, whether you’re selling a tin of biscuits or financial services.  I’ll let you know as and when it will be posted online.

In the meantime, contact me if you need help on any VAT issues.

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