This is a very quick post to make a very simple point.

Every week, I answer queries, free of charge, from all sorts of people, both businesses and private individuals. So even if the query is quite complicated, if I can deal with it in an initial telephone call or email, then I’ll help out free of charge.  And sometimes, my help can help save a lot of money.

As any business owner knows, providing a bit of help and support in this way can be a very good way of generating further work, even if you don’t hear from that business/person for some time.  It’s a time proven and effective way of finding new clients and many businesses provide similar “free of charge” services, or even goods, as a way of marketing.

I’m also happy to spend a bit of time helping those of you who will NEVER become clients, including the many queries from those of you building or converting homes for your families.  Before I appointed an accountant to do my taxes, I was constantly anxious about whether I’d made mistakes or even if I just missed something because I didn’t know about it.  So I know that dealing with VAT can be difficult and I’m happy to help in my own way if I can.

But here’s the thing.  When I respond to an email query, less than half of those recipients take the time to send an email to say “thank you”.

And that’s really beginning to make me quite cross.  I don’t expect to get anything in return.  But if somebody takes the time to help you, you should take the time to say thank you, however succinctly.

Not saying thank you is bad manners.


July, 2019

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