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Whether you’re a building contractor, first-time developer or a seasoned pro, VAT Exchange can help to make sure you don’t pay more VAT than you need to.

We Are Always Here to Help!

We can discuss your situation free of charge and explain the main principles that apply to you. If you want written advice, then our charges begin at £77 plus VAT for the first hour’s introductory service.

And if you need more detailed advice, we can discuss further costs at that time.

So feel free to contact us – there’s no charge for asking a question!

The VAT implications of property transactions – from construction services to leases and freehold sales – are complicated, for even relatively simple developments.

Our aim is to help you minimize the overall VAT cost and manage the VAT issues with our 3 step process:

  • starting with establishing the VAT liability of the final sale or rental of the new, converted or refurbished property;
  • save VAT on costs with reduced or zero-rated construction services;
  • claim as much VAT as possible from HMRC;

and help you to avoid unexpected VAT bills from HMRC or contractors.

Sadly, far too many people get this wrong (especially small and DIY developers) and HMRC will never tell you if you’ve made a mistake and overpaid VAT.

So if you’re planning a development and need help with the VAT issues, email me to arrange your free, no obligation discussion.

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